reaching out

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2 thoughts on “reaching out

  1. We have made many connections with others doing this work in the last year. I presented at the Higher Ed Maker Summit at ASU/Tech Shop in Arizona and met many at colleges and universities who are doing this work. From the high school perspective, it is important to make these connections as we make the case to our community and parents so they understand that this type of learning is something that better prepares students for college and beyond. I led a workshop on making at the high school level, which included exemplars from SHS, as well as sitting on a panel on portfolios. Dawn Wendell from MIT, who created the Maker portfolio, led the panel discussion.


  2. In addition, we have connected to people who are exploring learning through making at Teacher’s College (in the Art Education Department), Harvard’s Project Zero (Agency by Design), MIT, Olin School of Engineering (a team of teachers visited), UVM (where Eugene Korsunskiy is creating a Design Thinking and Making curriculum), The Exploratorium in San Francisco (Karen Wilkinson), Makerbot (where they are interested in creating curriculum/challenges for teachers/students), Project Breaker and Breakaway (a student and teacher training in Design Thinking led by Juliette LaMontagne, TED senior fellow), Albemarle County Public Schools, Virginia, (who have Makerspaces across all schools) and Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia (who have makerspaces and teach engineering at the high school level.)


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